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We are looking for Partners who will help us achieve our aim of getting 1million people working one day a week nearer home.  Want to join us?

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Each new user that a partner recruits will bring you addtiional revenue.  

Everytime the NearDesk member uses their card, you will receive 5% of the revenue for the first 2 years.

Cards can be made free to your recruits or you can sell them creating further revenue.



Strengthen brand awareness

NearDesk cards can be branded strengthening your brand and reinforcing your relationship with clients.

If you run a Network, a NearDesk card can work as your membership card.



Partner code

For those who don't want their own card, why not simply be a partner and have your own dedicated code.  

The code links you to your recruit and the commission works in exactly the same way as if you had a branded card.


Special offers

Shortly we shall be introducing a new function letting partners post special offers to the NearDesk members that they recruited.

NearDesk is an oyster card for office space - a simple way for users to use different locations around the UK and only pay for the time they use.

We're on a mission to get a million people working near home one day per week.

Simple to use, extra revenue, extra foot-fall - and no extra paperwork.

See the CBRE Workshop report as background to this growing trend.

About Us

“We love being partners with NearDesk who share our enthusiasm for the liberation of work! They completely understand the need for solo workers to be free to choose where and how they work, so they are an excellent fit for us.”

Alex Butler
Founder, KindredHQ

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