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NearDesk lets users rent your meeting rooms and spare desks by the hour

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Get more bookings...


Attract new users

Flexible and home working are growing trends creating additional demand. Offer new "pay by the hour" services to attract these new users.

Some of these guests will start using other services - from virtual offices to full offices. Others will spread the word giving you marketing that's not just free but gives you additional income.


Strengthen your community

People can now work anywhere - but want to feel at home.  One of your residents is desperate for a graphic designer and a freelancer is a guest desperate for work.

Our free social software uses existing social networks to connect your residents and paying guests.


Minimal paperwork

Designed to work with your existing accounting software and back-office systems - we do all the billing, you receive two payments each month:

  • One for usage (87% of spend)
  • The other for commission when your users have used offices elsewhere (5% of spend)


Maximise Profit

Most locations have spare space. Get extra income renting your meeting rooms and any spare desk space to these new users.

Many locations are now investing in dedicated hub areas to attract these new users and maximise density - we can help you manage this.

NearDesk is an oyster card for office space - a simple way for users to use different locations around the UK and only pay for the time they use.

We're on a mission to get a million people working near home one day per week.

Simple to use, extra revenue, extra foot-fall - and no extra paperwork.

See the CBRE Workshop report as background to this growing trend.

About Us

“NearDesk is a great way of getting extra income from our spare space. One unexpected benefit was people experiencing us for themselves and then raving about us on social media.”

James Minter
Founder, Adam House

Copyright 2013 NearDesk Ltd

Call us: 020 7060 7089

  • No admin, no billing hassles
  • Wonderfully easy to use
  • Free to list - we take 13% of bookings
  • Integrates with common room booking software
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